The Howard Ziff Artist Gallery announces the DROP of its first NFT series


Collection of original black & white paintings and digital color variations

The Present Tense collection of black and white paintings and the color variations explore possibilities both seen and unseen. It all starts with the black on white and then to the reverse color variations leading us to imagine again what was the beginning, was there something even before that, could it have been the future, finally placing us in the present.

This Howard Ziff artist NFT collection features 110 abstract images from his original Present Tense painting collection. These NFTs are offered in several ways:


* 10 pieces where a collector can acquire the original physical artwork and its NFT image.
* 90 unique color variation NFTs derived from each of the 10 original pieces.
* 10 alternating GIF NFTs that combine all color variations of each original artwork.

Now available on OpenSea:

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